I've never been to India so I can't say that I've had real, authentic Indian food but I know good food when I see it (and taste it).


I first tried Dishoom last year but only recently went for breakfast and it was everything that I could've imagined and more.


MASALA BEANS YOU GUYS. I wasn't ready. 


"No Petting (heavy)" 

OK, pause for minute. I've only just noticed that the last the word "caste" has been crossed out on the list of rules. I've been aware of the meaning of this word for as long as I've been aware of racial and cultural differences. 

"Half-caste" (*wince*) is a misused, outdated term used in this country to describe people of bi-racial parentage (typically black and white). A quick search on google gave a more accurate definition:

Each of the hereditary classes of Hindu society, distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social status

Typically, the caste system was pretty divisive so this is an awesome nod to inclusivity.

[ Note: No apologies for digression. These things are always worth highlighting. ]


The interiors and the atmosphere are always great and there are so many good options for veggies and vegans. I love sitting and observing the chaos. ORDER THE CHAIJITO.


This dress is an eBay cop (speaking of which, I'm selling some Alexander Wang, Margaret Howell and Comme Des Garçon pieces here). 


I was looking for a decent quality slip dress but wasn't prepared to commit to the price in case I wasn't feeling it but this one from Mango (via ebay) ended up being perfect. I styled it over a plain white Dickies tshirt, Gucci Princetown loafers and my favourite Edwin leather jacket (similar here).


Hats and sunglasses are my favourite way to accessorise. I wear both pretty much every day. This fedora is an oldie from Primark (similar here) but I'd really like to go find a stockist and try all of Janessa Leone's hats. They look so cool! Sunglasses are Monokel.

If you're ever in London and you're stuck for somewhere to visit/want to try Indian food, I'd definitely recommend Dishoom! In fact, I'm headed there this evening...