So hyped for the new Quicksand record! If you've not heard them before, they're a dope band from NYC featuring Walter Schreifels of Youth of Today, Warzone, Gorilla Biscuits, CIV...pretty much every important Youth Crew, Straight Edge band that was integral to the iconic New York sound. 

After these iconic hardcore bands came the post-hardcore wave. Fugazi (one of the earliest), Into Another, Quicksand, so many others. If you listen closely, you'll find exactly where the Deftones drew inspiration from for their sound. In fact, Sergio from Quicksand now plays bass for Deftones (RIP Chi) and his addition has been incredible. Oh, and remember Rival Schools? That was Walt's band too. 

I can't believe I hadn't met Walter until recently. It was for sure awesome to see him play in Youth of Today and his new band, Dead Heavens on the same bill. You know when they say "Never meet your idols" because they'll most likely disappoint you? Well that certainly wasn't the case for Walter. My inner hardcore moshpig was stanning so hard. He was sweet and engaging and seemed sincerely interested in meeting lil ol' me.

I'm aware that these music posts might be sounding mad name-droppy but I can assure you that they're not. Just sharing moments of excitement. We often put music and popular-culture personalities on pedestals but that's not something that I've ever cared to engage in, particularly within the hardcore scene.

I just like meeting real ass people and if i dig your music? Well even better.

Follow the new Quicksand Insta and check out the video for their new song, "Illuminati"