It's never news to me when I see pieces from the runway in fast fashion stores - that's the idea of fast fashion, after all. However, it still doesn't sit quite right with me when I can walk through a collection and name the brands that have been "duped". 

Dupes. Duplications. Directlycopiedinabootlegmanner. 

I've spoken about the perils of fast-fashion before and will openly admit that yes, I occasionally still consume from these outlets but I try to be conscientious when doing so. Nothing is new, we all see and learn from the things that have come before us but when X can directly copy Y AND capitalise in the same way or even more? Issa problem. Especially when it's niche, independent designers. The big conglomerates are not without sin, of course (see my previous post re Gucci/Dapper Dan fiasco)  but intellectual property n all that.

A few years back, H&M segmented their womenswear offering by introducing H&M Studio - a slightly more directional, "premium" line (read: expensive, I can't attest to the quality as I'm yet to make a purchase).  It's always caught my eye but it's not available in many of their stores so unless I'm in town, I don't feel particularly inclined to check it out.

Their FW17 offering is probably one of the best Studio collections that  I've seen to date. Here's a peek at the lookbook...

See the full lookbook on Refinery29. Collection launches mid-September.