In case you’ve been living under a rock/have never heard of a technological communication phenomenon commonly referred to as The Internet, you may not have heard of Glossier – a skincare and beauty brand created for the regular, degular folk by Emily Weiss who started the brand as an extension of the beauty blog Into The Gloss. It’s literally that brand right now and it's definitely your fave’s fave.

Assuming that you have been living under said rock/have never heard of The Internet (or maybe you’ve just been busy? That happens too), it may have gone unnoticed that the cult beauty brand recently started international shipping and will be shipping to the UK VERY SOON.

To give us a taste of things to come, Glossier held a series of events in London last weekend starting with a dinner at the incredible Carousel in Marylebone. The neighbourhood isn’t somewhere that I frequent often so it was nice to head there a little early and wonder around (& put plasters on my blisters in the street because who told me that I could wear heels all day?). There were matte black Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, no rubbish bins (trash cans) and hardly any of the streets had pedestrian controlled crossings…(what!?). To put it bluntly, it’s bougie. But, I mean, “do it look like I was left off of ‘Bad n Bougie’?”

Upon arrival, we were greeted with champagne (wassaaaappppp?!) introduced to members of the team and had a chance to ~*mingle*~. I knew no one else attending and I was a little apprehensive about heading to something like this alone (for the same reasons noted here ) but it was great to connect with so many sweet girls, all with their own story, their own hustle, but we bonded on our excitement for Glossier finally coming to London, great food aaaaand Real Housewives of Atlanta.


The following day, there was a pop-up showroom with a similar set up to the HQ in New York. It was open to the public and people could come and test the products in person before buying with e-Comm launches later this year. I know we’re not doing “wishlists” rn but lemme cop that Priming Moisturiser Rich, the Super Serums, the Mask Duo and the Generation G lipstick in Zip tho!


The final part of the weekend involved a live Glossier Top Shelfie with Glamour Magazine’s beauty director, Alessandra Steinherr and a talk with Emily which I wasn’t able to attend but I caught bits here & there on the ol’ Instastories and it looked really fun.

Everything that this brand has done so far has kept my watching. From the high-quality product to the affordable prices (even with my "ok" salary, I ain’t got La Mer shmoney, mmmk?) and a strong sense of brand identity, I’ve been continuously impressed and I’m for sure excited to get my hands on more!

Thank you, Team Glossier for a dreamy evening, for the flowers and very generous gifts!

Check out Into The gloss, make sure you sign up to the mailing list and follow @Glossier on Instagram so you get the info first and to see videos of campers being launched into a lake. Yep, I said it. Don’t ask questions, go, go, go!