This past weekend, I attended (after a 2hr long wait...don't worry, it doesn't end badly) Adwoah Aboah's GURLTALK festival in collaboration with Coach. Normally, I'd be reluctant to attended anything that involves audience participation alone but I told myself "gurl, you're 31 years old. go."

Whilst waiting in line for two hours, I got talking to some of the girls around me. We were all a little disgruntled that we'd been waiting so long but, after a while, the conversation turned from "i heard that it's one in one out", and "they should've done xyz" to laughing and joking about the things that girls laugh and joke about. Periods, Patriarchy and the phenomenon of unwavering cynicism that only gets more intense as you get older & how we somehow manage to just keep on going, even though we're drowning in the f*cksh*t.

The girls were ages 20-23, smart, beautiful, strong individuals and if I took anything away from the event (besides the perfume and cute pin badges, thanks Coach!), it was that it's my responsibility to make the world a better place for them so that they can thrive. Whilst eating my Bone Daddies Ramen, dolo, I decided to do everything that I can to better their experience of womanhood.