If you're not familiar with the OJ Simpson story, check out The People vs OJ and then watch OJ: Made In America.

Then, when you've had your head spun, go and check out Jay-Z's new record, "4:44".

Hov's lyrics are always peppered with quips that keep me chuckling but the sombre picture he paints on this track is poignant to say the least & straight facts at the most. I've only just gotten around to watching the animated video for "The Story of OJ" which addresses the absurd spectacle that is the OJ Simpson story, the black experience & also touches on the racial muss that is Disney. i've shared the video on my blog. 

I find 4:44 to be particularly cathartic and an insight into the complex identity of the black male. It's also an example of a mature and creative approach to facing your demons AND a reminder that we're all human.

I'm not sure how anyone could cheat on Beyoncé and I haven't completely forgiven you Jigga Man......................yet but you came correct with this one.