It seems a little contrived to harp on about clothing in the wake of another act of terror. Another one. In London. Thankful for my safety and that everyone I know is OK. I'm also thinking of the people that experience this daily.. Lest we forget that this is a daily occurrence in some parts of the world. As I type this, my stomach is in my throat and, in all honesty, I'm fearful. But we must go on so here we go...

In an attempt to distract myself from the news and the general state of the world that we live in, here are my favourites from Tibi's Resort 2018 collection.

Trends to note...

  1. Pastels & Jewel Tones
  2. Tailoring
  3. Patent/High Shine
  4. Pleats & Darts
  5. Oversized
  6. Corseting

What are some of your favourite pieces? I'm living for ALL of the tailoring, the utilitarian vibes, the patent pants and Amy, if you're reading, imma need a pair of those orange, patent booties *insert eyeballs emoji*!