I'm a creative, 31 year old female with a modest bank account, not much in the way of savings, an insatiable appetite for travel and "nice things". I draw inspiration from everywhere, my surroundings, places and people. Definitely people.

Social Media is great but it often has us doubting ourselves, our abilities or over critiquing and holding ourselves to unrealistic standards of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and the rest (see my previous post about it here). It's all about perspective though, amiright?

Let me introduce you Aureta Thomollari  - an Albanian-American luxury consultant and curator with impeccable taste. Her Instagram page is a mixture of personal style, travel and  art and I'm entirely here for it. I featured Aureta on my Instagram stories and saved it to share here too so get to scrolling! 

Be sure to check out Aureta's Instagram here and follow me for more fashion and lifestyle content here