JUNE 2017

Gemini season. I'm naturally drawn to Gemini folk (my mother, my boyfriend, his son and my ex are all twin signs) but I always find this time of year to be really challenging. Nevertheless, we must be thankful for the good and the bad. The latter teaches us invaluable lessons!

Lipstick - Mac Matte in Ruby Woo, Red Eye Shadow - Kiko Milano in Matte Poppy Red (similar here), Eyelid Gloss - Bobbi Brown in Nude

I cycle past this vintage Chevrolet truck on Broadway Market every day. 

Tried on some Cèline sunnies in Harrods after visiting the Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion exhibition (my recap here). 

Left- Cèline Eva (similar here), Right, Cèline Kate (similar here)

I've been doing my own gel manicures for over a year now and tend to keep it pretty simple but it was fun to switch it up a bit. Here's a thorough tutorial that I followed on Youtube. The only thing I did differently was omit the matte coats and I added some extra details with some  gold chrome powder because I'm extra.

When you and your homie are hard, so you gotta rock the hard stance but you're also varying degrees of Larry David...

We went to a Puffy style White Party. I don't have a lot of formal white clothing so I wore my Stan Ray painter pants (here) with a Nike sports bra as a top (similar, discounted version here), gold mules from Topshop (here), an old Edwin jacket from 5 years ago (similar here) and some awesome hoops from Wolf & Gypsy Vintage in Brighton (DM them for mailorder, they're super helpful).

My gunna, my pahhhtna, my hitter, Kirby aka @dumphimpress. Check out her Instagram for an awesome zine on why you should probably "Dump Him" and some cute pins to boot.

June was a really tough month here in London, especially with the General Election, Grenfell Tower Tragedy and two terror attacks in as many weeks but we're still here, my people are well and safe, I've been more stressed than usual but when I look at the bigger picture can't complain. I'm ready for Leo season...or am I?