An accurate depiction of where I'm at in my life: Still not over florals. Still not over losing one of the greatest MC's of all time.

I keep randomly bursting into song, reciting a mash-up of Prodigy's verses from every Mobb Deep song that I can remember. My boyfriend looks up, sees me wildin', gives me a nod and a cool "mhm, yes dear".

He often comments on my ability to remember words and lyrics - a skill that I mastered as a blossoming teenager. I was never out super late, getting wasted. OK, maybe I tried it once or twice but, as an only child, I was happy in my own company for the most part. I entertained myself by reading about my favourite musicians, teaching myself to play bass guitar and creating random, inedible concoctions in the kitchen - the latter two giving my mother more of a headache than anything else.

I wasn't angsty. I'd plug my headphones into the stereo that my parents still have today and listen to cassettes and cd's. I'd pick up my bass and jam along to Hole's Celebrity Skin and Nirvana's Nevermind for hours until I got it right. When we eventually got cable tv, I immersed myself in MTV2 (Gonzo with Zane Lowe was my jam), MTV Base (who remembers Trevor Nelson's show, The Lick?) and The Box. When I would eventually go to bed at 1 or 2 am, I listened to XFM to help me fall asleep. 

I consumed music in every which way I possibly could, playing the same songs over and over again for days, weeks, months. By now, you can probably tell that I don't do anything by halves. The future is definitely floral.

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