Whether you're thinking about change (see previous post) or praying for a miracle, "thoughts and prayers" are kind hearted gestures but both ineffective without action.


We live in a world with an amalgamation of religious and spiritual beliefs which, however you feel about them, often guide people through their daily lives, offering support and structure. Personally, I'm not religious, I am spiritual, I do not align myself with any particular dogma and, whether I agree or not, I respect that other people have beliefs that are different to mine.

I wanted to talk about the idea of manifestation and the role that we, as individuals, play in shaping our lives. I'm somewhere between "what's meant to be will be" and "we design our destiny".

For example: I believe that we are supposed to meet certain people along our journey of life but I also believe that the type of people we attract is largely determined by our actions. Who/what are we seeking? What are our boundaries? Do we have the ability to be firm in our convictions whilst remaining fluid in our interactions with each other?  

In regards to careers, where are we placing ourselves? Are we in a position where opportunities thrive? If we're seeking change, what are the types of changes that we're looking for and how can we position ourselves in order to reach those goals? 

These are the types of questions that I ask myself when I feel like I'm conflicted or at a roadblock.

For the most part, we reap what we sow. So what are we doing in order to reap the great things that we are thinking and praying about? Thoughts and prayers are a great place to start but in order to manifest, we should take action.


Images by Niesh Vanterpool - Bali, Indonesia