Since returning from a family trip to Anguilla, I hit the ground running. Copenhagen, back to the office, a quick 36 hours in Berlin and here we are. I've been travelling to Anguilla since I was 5 or 6 years old so, now that I'm 30, it really feels like home. 

Sunglasses gifted from Monokel Eyewear

We stayed at Patsy's Seaside Villas, in the Blowing Point village. With our entire extended families, we hired most of the apartments two buildings on the beach, facing Saint Martin/St Maarten for the duration of our stay. The accommodation was humble and, aside from a dodgy oven or a slight leak, extremely comfortable.

Waking up to my mum and aunts cooking every day reminded me of why I love my family so much.  There was a lot of "call [this person] for their food", "call so-and-so to bring me [insert random food stuff/cleaning product here]", just like Grandma used to do.

We had a really difficult time getting to AXA due to Air France striking but in the end it was all worth our while. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a tropical storm but who can complain when the views are like this?

Cuisine Art Resort is an art deco nerd's dream - the Pina Colada's are next level. 

Bikini from ASOS DD+ range

Viceroy is built on our family's estate. So you bet your ass, I took a stroll through the complex to find the tiny, secluded beach.

Went out to find a roti - found a Dogson instead - Shoes from Marrakech

It was John's first time travelling to Anguilla, or the Caribbean even so we made sure to show him as much as possible. Being that it was the week of Carnival festivities, we went to watch the boat race on Back Street, overlooking Sandy Ground.

Boat racing is a huge part of Anguillian culture and takes place on Bank Holidays throughout the year. As a kid, I would watch my great grandfather sit on the porch and listen to the commentary on the radio, listen to my uncles screech at each other. We had a family boat but it sank some years back. 

More to follow in Part 2...