I fell off. Like, all the way off.

I was psyched up. Pumped. I went IN. I killed it but I had a looming sense of doubt. I knew. And sure enough, I was to disappointed.

I wasn't distraught. But I certainly didn't know what to do with myself. What now? I'd been so focused, so invested. But I guess life doesn't always go your way. 


I shut off. I panicked. I deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone. Too noisy. I couldn't think straight.

 Then the Super moon. I had a migraine for 3 days straight followed by 10 days of illness. I received invitations to events, book launches, gigs. I couldn't go. Doing anything creative was far too taxing. I went to work, I fulfilled my obligations, I went directly home. To my safe place.


In the last few days, the cloud has lifted and there's been some clarity and I'm looking forward to working on new projects.

Also, can all the cool people stop dying please? Damn.