I've never been to India so I can't say that I've had real, authentic Indian food but I know good food when I see it (and taste it).


I first tried Dishoom last year but only recently went for breakfast and it was everything that I could've imagined and more.


MASALA BEANS YOU GUYS. I wasn't ready. 


"No Petting (heavy)" 

OK, pause for minute. I've only just noticed that the last the word "caste" has been crossed out on the list of rules. I've been aware of the meaning of this word for as long as I've been aware of racial and cultural differences. 

"Half-caste" (*wince*) is a misused, outdated term used in this country to describe people of bi-racial parentage (typically black and white). A quick search on google gave a more accurate definition:

Each of the hereditary classes of Hindu society, distinguished by relative degrees of ritual purity or pollution and of social status

Typically, the caste system was pretty divisive so this is an awesome nod to inclusivity.

[ Note: No apologies for digression. These things are always worth highlighting. ]


The interiors and the atmosphere are always great and there are so many good options for veggies and vegans. I love sitting and observing the chaos. ORDER THE CHAIJITO.


This dress is an eBay cop (speaking of which, I'm selling some Alexander Wang, Margaret Howell and Comme Des Garçon pieces here). 


I was looking for a decent quality slip dress but wasn't prepared to commit to the price in case I wasn't feeling it but this one from Mango (via ebay) ended up being perfect. I styled it over a plain white Dickies tshirt, Gucci Princetown loafers and my favourite Edwin leather jacket (similar here).


Hats and sunglasses are my favourite way to accessorise. I wear both pretty much every day. This fedora is an oldie from Primark (similar here) but I'd really like to go find a stockist and try all of Janessa Leone's hats. They look so cool! Sunglasses are Monokel.

If you're ever in London and you're stuck for somewhere to visit/want to try Indian food, I'd definitely recommend Dishoom! In fact, I'm headed there this evening...


This summer was intense, to say the least. I spent a lot of time, working on bettering myself and furthering my career. There was frustration and some doors were closed but invaluable lessons were learned. You can't put a price on that.


As we move into September, I look forward to the last quarter of the year with excitement for a couple of trips that I have coming up - NYC and Bali, Indonesia! New York is my home from home from home but I always discover new thing every time I visit. I've never been to Bali before! I cannot tell you how excited I am to explore somewhere new. 


What're your plans for the last quarter? Where are you going - literally and figuratively?

Ok, gotta go walk the neighbours dog...

(PS: Glossier starts shipping to the UK rill rill soon! Are your pumped? What're you looking forward to getting your hands on??)

Hat - Nike x Skepta

Sweatshirt - Glossier (gift)

Skirt - Edwin Europe (old, similar here)

Sneakers - Converse One Star (old, similar here)

Sunglasses - Monokel Eyewear


Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I'd be wearing a sheer shirt.  


Not at all. However, I saw this cute top on Lizzy Hadfield of Shot From The Street and loved the look so much that I wanted to recreate it with personal touch (let's not pretend like we were the first ever to create "xyz" look. We all draw inspiration from somewhere!).


I styled it with a loose fitting, black sports bra underneath (i'm also wearing a regular bra), cropped Khaki's and a leather jacket. Summer weather in London is...unpredictable to say the least so I always layer. 


This leather cap is from eBay. A few seasons ago, Acne had a satin baseball cap that looked as though it was leather and I decided I needed it. It's been a great accessory whilst growing out my hair. The sneakers are Adidas Hamburg's. 


"In the bin" is probably something I say at least 35 times per day. If someone's in trouble, they're "in the bin". Too turnt? Wasted? In. The. Bin. I even learned how to say it in French - Dans la poubelle - because my French friend found it hilarious.

So, I threw away my wishlist. Not my Amazon wishlist, that's mostly comprised of books, things that I need for my house or nail related products that are absolutely necessary. I mean the excel document (avec formulas because I'm a psycho) of expensive stuff that I like but really don't need, nor can I afford. 

Last summer, I read Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning and, for a few weeks, I was really inspired to create the life I wanted for myself. I made moodboards, visionboards, meditated, worked out, made lists and meditated on the things that I wanted. Things like a Mercedes G Wagon, a sick flat in London, more shmoney, THINGS.

There were other, less materialistic things on my meticulously photoshopped moodboardT like "getting better at Yoga" and, to be honest, that's the only thing that's materialised. My Yoga has improved a lot in a really short space of time, thanks to dedication and my two amazing teachers, Laura & Holly!

wishlist 2.jpg

I think I've shared this before but when the other things didn't materialise, I became disheartened and switched off.


I've maintained yoga, gotten rid of a lot of things and tried to declutter but I still bought a lot stuff.

After a very emotional June (I'm so glad to see the other side of Gemini season), I took a moment and decided not to become overwhelmed by what can only be described as dumb sh*t. I would trawl through Instagram, taking screen grabs of my fave accounts, ladies with dope style, dope shoes, dope bags, dope things. I didn't understand why I was unable to obtain those things, even though I work hard? But, I mean, how hard am I working? Does doing a little extra here & there constitute hard work? Yes, pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself and treat yo'self for damn sure. "Always give credit where credit is due, Jimmy?" (- Chopper).


I've been experimenting...


HOWEVER, since turning a corner at the beginning of July and meditating every day, I've become a lot more calm. It's given me headspace to evaluate where I am in my life, where I want to be and I'm slowly figuring out the path I'm going to take, without the distraction of said things

Yes, I love clothes and shoes and bags and designer fashion but wish list, for now, you are not my priority. You'll remain dans la poubelle until further notice and, if I'm able to cop some red Gucci loafers or some Celine sunnies or a cute bag along the way? Well, that'd be cool too, I guess.


With that said, I took a day away from my to-do list to spend time with my dude and see some art. We hit the Tate, ate some lunch and took a stroll around The City on a quiet Sunday evening, sans millions of tourists. 


"Monument" by Susan Hiller


This is pretty much an exert from the manuscript entitled "Life" so grab a beverage and a snack and get comfy because we're about. To go. IN.

After attending GURLSTALK FESTIVAL (see previous post), I was juiced up a little, I can't lie. I was thinking about all of the things I'd done, that I wanted to do and why I felt like certain things weren't working, why I was feeling frustrated and unsure of how or what to change in order to get to where I wanted to be.

On my bus journey home, I texted my mum and asked here exactly what time I was born so that I could accurately complete my birth chart (more on this soon). As I read through the description, I wasn't shocked, at all, to learn that being an Aries with an Aquarius moon means that you're annoying. It was a moment of self-realisation and a clarity. We're human and we all have things that we can work on. I decided that I would start now...if by now, we mean after some Bone Daddies and a nap...

The following morning was Sunday and I couldn't sleep in. It was light outside, the neighbourhood was stirring and it was warm. I was restless. Around 7.30am, I got up, made my usual morning tipple - hot water with fresh ginger, and put "meditation for manifesting and abundance" into the Youtube search engine. I wasn't interested in a Tony Robbin-esque spectacle, just something that would set me up for the day ahead. I chose this one and, whilst I almost bolted up off my mat when I heard the narrator say "listen to the sound of this beautiful music & let it wash over you" - because surely, that is subjective, I stuck with it.

I'm used meditating a little from yoga but my mind wanders so I knew guided would be better on this occassion. As the narrator was...narrating, I was connecting dots. I'd bumped into my photographer friend, Dean, who does some work for Coach - and who i did these crazy photos with. I tell him I'm proud of him every day but it felt awesome to say it in person. He told me that he was proud of me and that I should keep pushing my styling and fashion work because "MATE! don't take part, take OVER!" (say that in a thick, Geordie accent and try not to laugh).

Tshirt - Dickies 3 pack (I have a set of black & white, best plain T's ever! The fit is perfect & they wash well. I even got a set for my boyfriend!), Pants - Edwin Europe (old, similar here) Shoes - Zara, similar here.

The pennies were dropping hard and fast. I need to be and do MORE in every aspect of my life in order to live an abundant life. I need to let go (I hate that because oftentimes I feel put out by a lot of minor things. I'm getting better but...). I need to believe that it (whatever that may be) is already mine. 

I freshened up, hopped on my bike and cycled to a Boxfit class at Frame in Shoreditch. For someone that's an only child, sometimes, doing things alone is a little daunting at first, but you get there in the end. It was a completely new experience in a new location with new people. I was buzzing off coffee & adrenaline and I didn't know a single soul.

After my ex an I broke up, I created an impregnable forcefield around myself that slowly, but surely, has morphed shape and receded a little. I've come to learn that if there's little chance of me appearing vulnerable, I'm down to roll, on the front line. If I don't feel confident, or know people, I'm less likely to dive in. Not today Satan! From the moment the music started, it was GAME ON!

Up, down, left, right, jab, hook, jacks, squats, plan, push-ups, some yoga stuff thrown in there, some kanye, some prodigy, it was A LOT.  To my surprise, I didn't completely suck! I decided not to focus so much on my form because, let's be honest, how is that really possible at 4000bmp unless you're Anthony Joshua, a lie? Instead, I just went for it. At one point, I looked in the mirror and thought "biiiiihhhh, you look so ridiculous right now". I panned the room. Everyone looked ridiculous! Arms & legs everywhere, gloves and pads, some up, some down. The room looked like Hellfest c2002. I left feeling envigorated and proud that I accomplished 45mins of boxfit without a metaphorical safety net surrounding me.  I'll for sure do that again as it's exactly what I've been looking for, outside of my weekly yoga class.

I tend to avoid Shoreditch at the weekend because it's exactly what I imagine Magaluf to be like in peak season but I decided to cruise through the neighbourhood on my way home. Columbia Road was co-ordened off because of the flower market so I went through a high-rise housing estate. On my way through, I met an older man, out for a sunday walk, walking stick in tow. We greeted each other and walked, single file, in silence for 20 yards or so. When we got to the exit, we went opposite ways, "Have a good day, girl!", he said in his cockney accent.

He was OG Hackney, I could tell. I wished him well and went on my way. The whole exchange was a lesson. Aside from pleasantries and minimal eye contact, I really don't feel inclined to talk to strangers but I felt so good after meeting the girls the day before that I was more receptive. Me to me, "wow, not every person is an a**hole!". I was so gassed, I went and spent £25 on dairy free cheese...go figure.

This past weekend, I made myself completely vulnerable and had an abundance of positive experiences. I had clarity and has a glimpse into how it feels to see your visions manifest. I don't have a never ending supply of money...(YET!) but I have wealth in that I feel fulfilled. I hate being judged on my abilities but during boxfit, I didn't care (I was more concerned with the fact that I felt my throat was closing and that the jab-cross-upper cut-duck-jab-cross-upper cut-jump-knee-squat-shuffle was making me feel dizzy).

The major key that I took away from this experience is that's it's ok, in fact, important to let yourself be vulnurable. Trust your instincts, they'll never fail you. See how far you can go! Not just in terms of fitness and exercise but in othre areas of your life too - personal, career, relationships, you name it. It's only then that you will start to see abundance manifest - not only in the bank but in your quality of life and peace of mind.









"Me niether"


J'Taime Shirt - Daryl Studio, Pants - Topshop (similar here), sneakers - ADIDAS Samba Spezial (gift, here)


Two weeks on and there are still no words to describe the tragedy of Grenfell Tower so I'm not even going to begin to try. 

@Love4Grenfell are selling shirts to raise funds for the victims and residents. You can cop yours here for £10. 


An accurate depiction of where I'm at in my life: Still not over florals. Still not over losing one of the greatest MC's of all time.

I keep randomly bursting into song, reciting a mash-up of Prodigy's verses from every Mobb Deep song that I can remember. My boyfriend looks up, sees me wildin', gives me a nod and a cool "mhm, yes dear".

He often comments on my ability to remember words and lyrics - a skill that I mastered as a blossoming teenager. I was never out super late, getting wasted. OK, maybe I tried it once or twice but, as an only child, I was happy in my own company for the most part. I entertained myself by reading about my favourite musicians, teaching myself to play bass guitar and creating random, inedible concoctions in the kitchen - the latter two giving my mother more of a headache than anything else.

I wasn't angsty. I'd plug my headphones into the stereo that my parents still have today and listen to cassettes and cd's. I'd pick up my bass and jam along to Hole's Celebrity Skin and Nirvana's Nevermind for hours until I got it right. When we eventually got cable tv, I immersed myself in MTV2 (Gonzo with Zane Lowe was my jam), MTV Base (who remembers Trevor Nelson's show, The Lick?) and The Box. When I would eventually go to bed at 1 or 2 am, I listened to XFM to help me fall asleep. 

I consumed music in every which way I possibly could, playing the same songs over and over again for days, weeks, months. By now, you can probably tell that I don't do anything by halves. The future is definitely floral.

This suit is now 50% off, go cop then watch one of my favourite music videos of all time below...


Tru fax - I haven't worn a blazer since my last day of high school. The uniform was actually pretty cool but blazers and ties were compulsory and so, naturally, once I was no longer obliged to wear either, I hung them in my wardrobe and never looked back. 

I actually really like the look of them on other people and, until yesterday, would've been adamant that they weren't for me but here we are **kanye shrug** (READ: When your best friends are enablers and encourage you in the worst (but equally the best) possible way).

Blazer - Zara | Shoes - Zara | Pants - Edwin Europe (old season)





Spring is springin, the blossoms are blossoming and here we are with an edit for Pam Pam - a clothing, lifestyle and (the UK's very first women-only) sneaker store.

Sweatshirt - Carhartt WIP, Skirt - Vanishing Elephant, Socks - MP Crafted, Sneakers - Converse

Jacket - Elka, Tshirt & Pants - Vanishing Elephant, Sneakers - Adidas Originals

Jacket - Bethnals, Shirt - Vanishing Elephant, Culottes - Adidas Originals, Sneakers - Converse

Cropped shir-ket and pants - Carhartt WIP, Sneakers - Nike

Styling - Niesh Vanterpool

Photography - Jan Stasiuk



Sales/Creative by day....

Ninja Turtle assassin at the weekend...

Monument Coat - Edwin Europe (old, similar here)

Liner - Edwin Europe (similar here)

Hoody - Edwin Europe 

Pants - Dickies 874

Boots - Maison Margiela

Bag - Sandqvist

Hat - Carhartt WIP (old, similar here)









Since returning from a family trip to Anguilla, I hit the ground running. Copenhagen, back to the office, a quick 36 hours in Berlin and here we are. I've been travelling to Anguilla since I was 5 or 6 years old so, now that I'm 30, it really feels like home. 

Sunglasses gifted from Monokel Eyewear

We stayed at Patsy's Seaside Villas, in the Blowing Point village. With our entire extended families, we hired most of the apartments two buildings on the beach, facing Saint Martin/St Maarten for the duration of our stay. The accommodation was humble and, aside from a dodgy oven or a slight leak, extremely comfortable.

Waking up to my mum and aunts cooking every day reminded me of why I love my family so much.  There was a lot of "call [this person] for their food", "call so-and-so to bring me [insert random food stuff/cleaning product here]", just like Grandma used to do.

We had a really difficult time getting to AXA due to Air France striking but in the end it was all worth our while. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a tropical storm but who can complain when the views are like this?

Cuisine Art Resort is an art deco nerd's dream - the Pina Colada's are next level. 

Bikini from ASOS DD+ range

Viceroy is built on our family's estate. So you bet your ass, I took a stroll through the complex to find the tiny, secluded beach.

Went out to find a roti - found a Dogson instead - Shoes from Marrakech

It was John's first time travelling to Anguilla, or the Caribbean even so we made sure to show him as much as possible. Being that it was the week of Carnival festivities, we went to watch the boat race on Back Street, overlooking Sandy Ground.

Boat racing is a huge part of Anguillian culture and takes place on Bank Holidays throughout the year. As a kid, I would watch my great grandfather sit on the porch and listen to the commentary on the radio, listen to my uncles screech at each other. We had a family boat but it sank some years back. 

More to follow in Part 2...